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Immobilize your sub in your favorite position! The kennel is an adjustable cage  with a padded board and optional positioning bars. Lock up your plaything  within the coated metal enclosure and get creative! Trap their head between  the front entrance bars with silicone padding so that they are perfectly  positioned for force feeding. Leave in the comfortably padded leather-like  board for extended role play sessions or remove it to punish a naughty pet.  Positioning bars allow you to prop up their booty, feet, or chin, but you can  also use them to keep their head, shoulders, and waist pushed down. Achieve  the exact look that gets your blood pumping hardest! Attach their restraints,  not included, to keep them in their place. This versatile cage makes an  excellent addition to your dungeon or bedroom, creating a striking image as  soon as your partner lays eyes on it. Assembly instructions are included.

Kennel Adjustable Cage With Padded Board


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