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Frequently Asked Questions

returns and exchages

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Returns & Exchanges


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 How much is shipping?

  • We provide free shipping for all orders over $35

  • Any order under $35 will be charged $10 for shipping anywhere in the US


Do you ship internationally?

  • Yes! We ship internationally! We love our litty customers from all over the world.

  •  International orders require additional shipping, rates depend on the region you want the package shipped


How long does it take to ship?

  • Once your payment has been processed, your package will be delivered within 1-3 days


When do I get a TRACKING NUMBER?

  • As soon as your payment is processed, you will receive notification of a tracking number.


Is my package shipped discretely?

  • All orders are shipped 100% discreetly using non-descript boxes with no identifying marks or branding 

Returns &Exchanges

 Can I return anything?

  • Due to health ans safety concerns, we are unable to accept any returned novelty items.


Can I make an exchange?

  • Yes, exchanges are able to be made within 30 of your shipping date.

  • Exchanges can only be made on unopened or defective items.

  • You cannot exchange a used item


What if an item is damaged upon delivery?

  • If item is damaged before its delivered to you, you will receive a replacement after you have contacted customer service. Then is where you will receive instructions to retrieve your return shipping label.

  • Once returned item is analyzed, you will get the replacement in the mail

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the vibrators hypo allergenic?

  • We carefully select items that are compliant with the FDA standards

  • All items sold on are hypoallergenic, phthalate free, and non-toxic

Do the devices come with batteries?

  • Not all items come with batteries

Where is my "VIP email verification" email?

  • Check your "Spam" account.  The confirmation email may be there. (Make sure you typed in the correct email)

Can I have a "My Litty Kitty" Party?

  • As of now, with COVID-19 there will be a hold on live parties.

  • Virtual parties are coming soon!!

Can people see what I ordered?

  • Your package will arrive in discrete, plain packaging.Your privacy matters.

How will this show up on my card statement?

  • Your statement will show you have made a purchase with MLK Corp.


What form of payment does MLK Corp. accept?

  • All major card companies, including any US-issued and most internationally-issued mag-strip or or chip card. 


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